City of Chania

Chania is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece and the most picturesque in Crete, about 30” drive from HORIZONTE.

It’s a place full of historic memories due to the interaction of different civilizations – Romans, Arabs, Saracens, Egyptians, Venetians and Turkish – that flourished throughout the centuries. The Old Town is built around the Venetian Port with the famous lighthouse that was constructed from Venetians and reconstructed by Egyptians. Most of the buildings in the Old Town are renovated and compose an exhibition of the city’s history.

Walk around the narrow streets of the Old City and along Old Harbor (Limani for locals) and travel back in time, discover a mix of Ottoman, Venetian and Neoclassical architecture – Venetian townhouses and palazzos, Turkish houses, unique churches, mosques – visit the Orthodox Cathedral of Chania (Trimartiri Church), the new archaeological museum at Chalepa neighborhood, the crossed shape building of the Old Municipal Market which is full of traditional goods and Splantzia square. Make a stop at the seafront café and restaurants of the Old Harbor to drink the local “hard drink” tsikoudia and taste the famous Cretan cuisine. Other worth visiting historical buildings in Chania are the old French school, the Russian Church of Agia Magdalini, the aristocratic suburb of Halepa and the seafront place of Tabakaria with the old tanneries, Eleftherios Venizelos’s House in Halepa (Eleftherios Venizelos was the most important political figure of Modern Greek history, known as the maker of modern Greece) and Venizelos Graves on the hill of Prophet Elias and enjoy an uninterrupted view of Chania, as well as a relaxing stroll.