Balos – Gramvousa

A miracle of nature protected from program NATURA 2000

The famous lagoon of Balos with the breathtaking view of the beautiful exotic scenery, crystal clear vivid blue and turquoise waters and white and pink (due to broken shells) sand is located between the capes of Gramvousa and Tigani. Further to the north lie two islands, Agria Gramvousa and Imeri Gramvousa with a fortress on the top of the island built 500 years ago by the Venetians to protect Crete from Turkish occupation.

Balos lagoon, as well as the island of Imeri Gramvousa can be reached by ferry that departs from Kissamos port (5 km away from Horizonte Seafront Suites). Furthermore the more adventurous travelers can drive up a rough road of 10 km that starts from the village of Kaliviani to a point and then walk for about 20 min.

During summertime thousands of visitors come to admire this miracle of nature. You can protect from overcrowd Balos lagoon and Grambousa island, by staying for few hours at the area , shooting some awesome pics and enjoying the refreshing waters. After a short stay, that you will remember for the rest of your life, you can continue your day to the hundreds of beaches located in Kissamos region!